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Tubular Thimble With Master Link
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Tubular Thimble With Master Link

Tube thimbles with master link is heavy duty galvanized synthetic rope thimble with master links for heavy marine mooring use, the spare gussets are available if needed for special mooring.

Product Description

Tubular Thimble With Master Link

thimble tube with master link

Synthetic rope tubular thimbles are designed to protect the rope from wear at the point of contact with the master link. A master link is a connecting link used to connect synthetic rope to other mooring/rigging components. It is important to ensure that the assembly is sized and rated for the intended load and application. The Thimble + Master link has been Pre-fabricated together, providing easy handling in splicing and is stronger than K3 Thimble during load, the spare gussets are available if needed for special mooring. 

Material: Mild steel

Finish: Galvanized according to ISO1461

Temperature range: -20°C up to +200°C

Standard certification: NS9415

Suitable for fibre rope

Tubular Thimble Specification:

Max Rope Dia. Total Length Reel Height Inner Width(mm) Material Thickness Weight (kg)
20mm 180mm 25mm 45mm 6mm 1.4
24mm 195mm 30mm 47mm 7mm 2
28mm 215mm 35mm 60mm 7mm 2.4
32mm 240mm 40mm 65mm 7mm 3.1
36mm 280mm 50mm 75mm 7mm 4.06
40mm 298mm 55mm 85mm 7mm 5.95
44mm 308mm 60mm 86mm 7mm 6.85
48mm 312mm 65mm 88mm 7mm 7.2
56mm 332mm 70mm 90mm 7mm 7.6
64mm 342mm 75mm 94mm 7mm 8.3
72mm 450mm 88mm 130mm 10mm 20.11
80mm 500mm 94mm 150mm 10mm 24.85
92mm 550mm 107mm 190mm 10mm 30.43
96mm 600mm 112mm 200mm 14mm 50.4
104mm 650mm 120mm 220mm 16mm 68.8
115mm 750mm 140mm 240mm 20mm 110

Regular Demand Size:

Rope Thimble Size mm

Master Link  MBL T











Tubular Thimble With Master Link:

sythetic rope thimble tubular type

tubular thimble with master link

ropes spliced with tubular thimble

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