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Equipment For Aquaculture
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Equipment For Aquaculture

  • HDPE Pipe Welding Machine
    Butt fusion welding is a method of joining pipes and fittings of the same width and thickness using pressure and heat. The mouth of the to be welded HDPE part is heated to 170-250 degrees in order to be smoothly smoothed. They will then be joined by touching each other. HDPE butt welding is performed by pressing down on specific areas of the heater, waiting under pressure, and combining them.
  • 110-315mm Hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding Machine
    Name: Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine
    Size:110-125-140-160-180-200-225-250-280-315 (mm)
    Applicable: PE, PP, PVDF
    Power supply: 220V 50Hz
    Overall Power: 5.85KW
  • Plastic Extrusion Welding Gun
    Plastic Extrusion Welding Gun-Top Powerful Handle Extruder
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