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Mooring Rope Thimble With Oval Ring
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Mooring Rope Thimble With Oval Ring


An insertion into a loop of fiber rope to protect the rope. Mostly the thimble is closed by splicing of the rope.

Produced in cast iron or stamped and bent plate for the protection of fibre ropes and hawsers in a connection point of a mooring line. Primarily four types of thimbles are used: K3, K2A, K2B and tubular thimbles. The thimbles are supplied with a product certificate with chemical properties.

Product Description

                                                           Mooring Rope Thimble With Oval Ring

Ropes are the main components of the mooring system, and are used for both the mooring lines and grid system lines. Thimbles are generally made of hot-dip galvanized steel, and are used to reinforce the rope loop (eye splice) where it is connected to metal equipment (shackles, rings, etc.), and thus where it is subjected to heavy abrasion. Thimbles can markedly reduce wear on the rope. Thimbles used for moorings are usually tube type and open type.

Hot-dip galvanized steel rings are used at intersections in the mooring system. Oval shaped are inserted into steel thimbles in order to avoid using larger more expensive elements, like shackles.


Material: Mild steel

Finish: Galvanized according to ISO1461

Temperature range: -20°C up to +200°C

Standard certification: NS9415

Suitable for fibre rope

Thimble and Master Link Assembly Photos:

steel thimble with master linkrope thimble with master link

rope with thimblesmarine mooring ropesspliced ropesmooring ropes

mooring rope thimble with master link

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