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3/4/6 strands twisted rope
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3/4/6 strands twisted rope

3/4/6 strands twisted rope is produced by PP, PE, Polyester, PP/polyester mixed or polyamide(Nylon). It's small size and commonly used in ship mooring, shipbuilding, deep sea farming, pelagic fishing, mine, water conservancy projects and etc. 
Product Description

                                                                                 3/4/6 Strands Twisted Rope


3/4/6 strands twisted rope is a rope constructed by twisting three separate strands of fibers or yarns together, produced by PP, PE, Polyester, PP/polyester mixed or polyamide(Nylon). This twisting process creates a spiral pattern along the length of the rope, providing strength, flexibility and durability. 3-strand stranded rope is known for its ability to absorb shock, handle heavy loads, and resist abrasion, making it versatile and widely used in different industries, like ship mooring, shipbuilding, deep sea farming, pelagic fishing, mine, water conservancy projects and etc..


3-strand stranded rope is widely used for its durability, strength and resistance to harsh marine environments. 

Marine applications:

1. Mooring Line: 3-strand stranded rope is commonly used as a mooring line to secure a vessel to a dock, buoy or other mooring point. Their ability to absorb shock and withstand constant exposure to water and UV rays makes them ideal for this purpose.

2. Anchor lines: These ropes are used as anchor lines to secure the ship’s anchor to the seabed.  The strength and reliability of 3-strand stranded rope make it ideal for this critical application.

3. Dock rope: 3-strand twisted rope is used as the dock rope to fix the boat to the dock, provide stability and prevent the boat from drifting or being damaged.

4. Towing and Rope Handling: These ropes are used for towing other vessels, handling ropes during docking and undocking, and general rope handling tasks on board.

Aquaculture applications:

1. Aquaculture cages and nets: 3-strand twisted rope is used in aquaculture to build cages and net systems for fish farming. They provide the necessary strength and durability to withstand the marine environment while supporting the weight of the cage and resisting the forces of waves and currents.

2. Seaweed and Shellfish Farming: These ropes are used in seaweed and shellfish farming operations to secure culture lines, support growing structures and provide anchorage for culture equipment.

3. Ocean fishing: 3-strand twisted rope is used to catch seafood, such as seaweed, shellfish and other marine life, providing the necessary strength and reliability for fishing operations.


3 strands twisted rope

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3 stramds PP rope

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3 strand twisted rope

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