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8/12 Strand Polypropylene Rope
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8/12 Strand Polypropylene Rope

PP rope is light weight mooring line, very easy to handle, keep same strength in wet or dry environment.
Widely used in marine mooring, sea farming, ocean kelp and oyster aquaculture farming and pelagic fishing.
Product Description

                                                                                8/12 Strand Polypropylene Rope


Ropes are the main components of the mooring system, and are used for both the mooring lines and grid system lines. In many cases, chain is coupled with fibre rope, sections of chain on a mooring line provide weight and wear resistance where it is most needed, while fibre sections keep weight down and improve the manageability of the system.

8/12 strand polypropylene rope is widely used as mooring line, it has same strength either under wet condition or normal condition. It is easy operation, chemical corrosion resistance, drain well, keep in dark place. PP ropes are also commonly used in hold fenders in place during ship to ship transfer operations, also in aquaculture industry, like seaweed cultivations.

Steel thimbles are spliced into the rope to reinforce the rope look(eye splice) where it is  connected to metal equipment (shackles, rings, etc.). Thimbles used for moorings are usually tube type and open type. And, oval shaped master link are usually inserted into steel thimbles to faciliate connection.



PP rope specification

Rope Spliced With Thimble

PP Rope Spliced With Thimbles

80mm PP rope spliced with thimbles

8 strand 80mm PP rope

Mooring Rope

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