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Fish Cage Bird Net Support Wheels For Salmon Fish Farming
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Fish Cage Bird Net Support Wheels For Salmon Fish Farming

Waysail can supply fish cage bird net support wheel for salmon cage farming with circumference of 30meters and 42meters. It consists of floating pipes, uprights, upright pipes and top ring pipes. The heavy duty bird net support wheels offer several advantages over conventional tripod bird net supports.
Product Description

Fish Cage Bird Net Support

---Customisation Available Upon Request---

fish cage bird net support wheels


Circumference (m) 30m 42m
Diameter (m) 9.6 13.4
Flotation Pipe Size (mm) 180 180/250
Number of Uprights 10 14
Upright Pipe Size 125mm 125mm
Top Ring Pipe Size 125mm 125mm
Height 2.6meters 3meters
Weight 180kg 560/1300kg

Customisation available upon request.


Φ180mm flotation ring filled with polyestyreene(EPS) infill

Φ125mm Top Ring

Φ125mm Upright Pipe

Electrofusion fittings used at all junction points to construct the bird net support wheel

Optional centeral cross bar c/w internal bulkheads

Optional fabricated rotary spreader attachment point




The larger size helps to increase the surface area supporting the top net thus reducing any point loading.

Main flotation ring made from Φ180mm PE pipe.

Minimal movement makes them ideal for large diameter pens

Utilises electrofusion process and control

Modular design with the option to increase circumference

Pratical Application:

floating bird net supports

aquaculture cage bird net support

aquaculture cages

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