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Stingray Anchor
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Stingray Anchor

Stingray Mooring Anchors provide Ultimate Holding Powers, commonly used in marine mooring, offshore aquaculture fish cage mooring, seaweed or oyster mooring projects. Waysail can supply stingray anchor, size from 10kg to 5000kg, which can be used in different sea bed, sandy, mud and rocky. 
Product Description

                                                                                           Stingray Anchor

                                                                 ---Super High Performance Anchor---


Stingray Mooring Anchors provide Ultimate Holding Powers that are proving superior to other methods of mooring anchoring in the market. It has advantage of large holding power, easy assembly and strong environmental adaptability and so on.

Stingray anchor is commonly used in Marine Cyclone, Aquaculture Fish Farm, Seaweed and Oyster mooring projects, and it has been thoroughly tested in the aquaculture industry and proved to be highly durable and strong. Its holding power is more than 40 times of its weight, so if you'd like to have a high holding power anchor in your project, stingray anchor is a better choices. 

We did destructive test for 1000kg, 1500kg stingray anchors when the first time we supplied this anchor in ten years ago. And, we will do proof load test and MT for every batch of stingray anchor order before delivery. Besides, we have experience on packing and loading of stingray anchor, avoiding goods damage and save the shipping cost. 


Sand Medium Clay Silt
(tonnes) (tonnes) (tonnes)
10 2.39 1.85 1.34
25 4.95 3.83 2.77
50 8.59 6.65 4.8
75 12.03 9.09 6.57
100 14.91 11.54 8.34
150 20.58 15.93 11.51
175 23.26 18.01 13.01
250 30.89 23.92 17.27
375 42.64 33.01 23.84
500 53.6 41.5 29.97
750 7399 57.28 41.37
1000 93 72 52
1500 128.37 99.39 71.78
2000 161.36 124.93 90.22
3000 222.74 172.44 124.54
4000 279.98 216.76 156.55
5000 334.32 258.83 186.93


1200kg stingray mooring anchor

1000kg stingray mooring anchor

stingray anchor delivery

1000kg stingray anchor

Application in Cyclone Mooring System:

stingray mooring anchor

stingray mooring anchor

stingray anchor

Effective Loading Way:

Stingray anchor

Waysail company started as a marine equipment supplier, and has developed into a supplier of supplying turnkey solutions for marine and aquaculture customers. We can design and supply whole sets of mooring system (anchor, anchor chains, mooring buoy, ropes, connection hardware), Cage & Net and relative equipment for aquaculture use. Welcome to contact us to make a cage and mooring system design for your cage fish farming aquaculture,

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