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Fish Cage Accessories
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Fish Cage Accessories

Flexible plastic cages are made from high quality polyethylene HDPE 100 grade material, it's suitable for the dynamic load of the sea in the extreme conditions. Extensive use of strong and high-quality polyethylene material in cage brackets eliminates corrosion, minimizes expensive and difficult maintenance, and substantially increases the cage lifespan compared to steel brackets. 
Product Description

                                                                                          HDPE Fish Cages Accessories

                                                                                      ---OEM & ODM---                                              
Waysail supplies and delivers a plastic cage system to fish farmers as turnkey projects. We specialize in round cages, square cages, submersible cages, and circular cages are available with double or triple pipes, range from 30m to 260m in circumference, using mostly 200mm, 250mm, 315mm, 400mm and 450mm pipes. With the increase in pipe-diameter, the buoyancy increases and this allows it to make cages with a bigger circumference, and to use deeper nets, giving more production-volume.

The Specification of Fish Cages Accessories: 

fish cage frame bracket

plastic cage fittings

                                             Injection Molding Fish Cage Bracket
                                 Avaliable Size: 200/250/315/350/400/450/500mm

The Characteristic of Our Cage Brackets:

High Strength
Good Toughness
Corrosion resistance
Extended Service Life
Environmental Production and No Pollution

2-Hole HDPE Bracket Details:

HDPE Bracket For Cage

plastic cage bracketaquaculture cage plastic bracket

Tees For Handrail and Upright:


handrail and upright tees

Cage Upright and Tees

Our Fish Cage in The Sea:

plastic fish cage

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