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U2 U3 Grade Studless Anchor Chain
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U2 U3 Grade Studless Anchor Chain

Studless anchor chains with U2 or U3 grade for buoy moorings, floating pontoons and aquaculture industry. Our factory can produce the link in diameter from 10mm to 60mm with inner side 4d x 1.6d, 3d x 1.5d and other size as per actual usage condition.

Product Description

                                                                                  STUDLINK ANCHOR CHAIN

Chain provides a strong and economical solution for many marine and aquaculture mooring applications. In many cases, chain is coupled with fibre chain, sections of chain on a mooring line provide weight and wear resistance where it is most needed, while fibre sections keep weight down and improve the manageability of the system. The chains are always to be mounted in a mooring line via a shackle. The shackle is to be connected to the end link of each chain length.

Our factory has been developed into a world famous and specilized company in making marine anchor chain and ocean engineering chains. Company has adopted the most advanced chain making equipment, inspection measurement instruments and industrial technology in the world. According to International Standard ISO1704, National Standard GB/T549-2008,GB/T20848-2007 and the specification from the classification societies, our factory can produce and supply all kinds of AM2,AM3 grade marine stud and studless flash welded chains and accessories and R3,R3S,R4 grade ocean engineering offshore mooring chains and accessories with diameters ranging from 16 to 152mm. 

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