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Diameter 50m Circular Fish Cage Double Collar Bracket
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Diameter 50m Circular Fish Cage Double Collar Bracket

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2 Holes 450mm ID Bracket

Material: HDPE100

Size: 1469mm(L)*521mm(Hole OD)*1360mm(Center Distance H)

Weight: 45.0KGS

Performance Parameters:
Wind resistant capacity: Max 12 level
Anti-wave capacity: Highest 5 meters
Anti-wave current capacity: Max 1.0meters/second

450mm 2 Holes Bracket

PE Pipe Butt Fusion Welding Procedure

1. Preparation: Place the pipe or pipe fitting in a flat position on the butt fusion machine with a cutting allowance of 10-20mm.

2. According to the welded pipe, pipe fitting selection to verify the slip fixture, clamping pipe, ready for cutting.

3. Cutting: cutting the welded pipe section, the impurities and oxide layer on the end face of the pipe fittings ensure that the two butt ends are smooth and free of impurities.

4. Defouling: dip cotton yarn into alcohol, clean and wipe the pipe head, remove dust and dirt.

5. Alignment: the end faces of the two welded pipe sections should be completely in alignment, and the wrong side should be as small as possible. The wrong side should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness. Otherwise, the welding quality will be affected.

6. Heating: the butt temperature is generally between 210-230℃. The heating time of the heating plate is different in winter and summer, and the melting length of the two ends is 1-2mm.

7. Switch: remove the heating plate, quickly let the two hot melt end face phase bonding and pressure, in order to ensure the melting butt quality, the shorter the switching cycle, the better.

8. Melting butt: is the key of welding, the butt process should always be carried out under the melting pressure, the width of the side roll with 2-4mm is appropriate; Pressure should be appropriate, too much pressure will lead to melt all be squeezed away, but not firmly connected.

9. Cooling: Keep the docking pressure unchanged, and let the interface cool down slowly. The cooling time is subject to the stiff crimping by hand and no heat can be felt.

Our 450mm 2-Holes Bracket Application:

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