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What is HDPE Fish Cage Bracket?
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What is HDPE Fish Cage Bracket?

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                                                                                              What is HDPE Fish Cage Bracket?

The bracket is a structural element of the cage collar that binds the pipes together to form the cage collar. The bracket design includes two or three holes for the main floating pipes, and additional small holes for walkway pipes. On the top of stanchion, a seat is available where the handrail is going through.

There are four main categories of brackets: Welded plastic, roto-molded plastic, injection molded plastic, and the metal.

1. Rotational Molded Plastic Brackets are probably the most widely used in floating HDPE cages. They are produced with the “rotational moulding” industrial manufacturing technique, where the mould of a single bracket is filled with plastic (PE or HDPE), and then heated to the plastic’s melting point. As the mould is rotated, the melted plastic is dispersed uniformly to the walls of the mould. The mould is then cooled, opened and the plastic bracket is removed and ready. These types of brackets are not solid plastic, and the thickness of the plastic and the design itself are the key structural characteristics affecting their robustness. Depending on the design, the weight of these elements can range from 15–20 kg (for lighter models) up to 50 kg (for the most robust models). Some models are filled with expanded polyurethane resin to increase robustness and prevent deformities.

2. Injection Molded Brackets are made by feeding polyethylene plastic (PE or HDPE) into a heated barrel, where it is mixed and then injected into a mould, where it cools and hardens. Injection molded brackets are solid components, so are very robust, but heavier than rotational moulding.

PE bracket

3. Metallic Brackets are usually made of galvanized iron (zinc-plated), with either welding or bolting of the components together. Our factory manufacture and supply SS316 Stanchions For Tuna Farms, which one pipe collar is used.

SS316 Stanchion

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