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Types and Functional Characteristics of Deep Water Fish Cage
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Types and Functional Characteristics of Deep Water Fish Cage

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Now the application of deep water fish cage is more and more widely, but a lot of people do not understand what is deep sea cage? What kind are these? And what are the functional features? Today Waysail will give you popular science on the knowledge of deep water cage. 

Deep Sea Cages Have The Following Types:

1. 2 x 2 square cage with 5 x 5 meters area

The so-called combined Waysail square cage is composed of a plurality of single cage combination, each single box 5 meters long, 5 meters wide, the appearance of a square, the main floating pipe diameter of 250mm, handrail diameter of 110mm, stanchion height of 80cm. 2*2 combination means that each group of cage is composed of 4 single box arranged symmetrically, each group of box length is 12 meters. Because of its combination, each box area is small, beautiful combination, suitable, easy to operate, so it is suitable for diversified fish farming in the offshore, can also be used for leisure and entertainment facilities.

2. Circumference 40m, 60m submersible deep sea wind and wave resistant circular cage

The appearance, size and material of the cage are basically the same as that of the floating cage, but a lifting function is added in the design and installation. When the typhoon comes, the cage settlement to a certain depth of the safe water layer, can be more effective to avoid large waves and strong typhoon damage to the cage, so as to better protect the safety of the box and aquaculture fish.

Cage frame appearance is round, by inner and outer floating pipe,handrail stanchion pipe, tee, stopper, pin and other main and accessories from hot melt welding, materials are all made of new high density polyethylene raw materials and anti-aging agent one-time injection molding. The diameter of the main floating pipe is 250mm, the diameter of the handrail is 110mm, the height of the stanchion is 80cm, the circumference of the box is 40 meters, and the diameter is 13 meters. The water body can reach 2000 cubic meters, and the anti-wave height is more than 7 meters, and it can resist typhoons of more than 10 levels.

3. Diversity combination square cage

Combination square box is a combination, so each group of boxes can be diversified combination, such as 5×5 meters of 2*3 combination square box, 3*3 combination square box and so on.

4. Floating Deep Sea Windproof cage with 60m Circumference.

The frame components and materials of the cage are the same as those of the floating circular cage with 40 meters circumference. The difference is that this kind of cage adopts the main floating tube with a diameter of 315mm and a circumference of 60 meters, which is twice the area of water compared with the original main floating tube box with a diameter of 250mm.Its breeding capacity is stronger and utilization rate is higher.

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