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Rotational Moulding
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Rotational Moulding

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                                                                                                                   Rotational Moulding

Rotational moulding is a process of forming hollow plastic products. Firstly put the plastic power into the moldand then heated and rotated along two vertical axes. The powder in the mold is melted and adhered onto the mold inner surface, then cooling down the mold and take out the product when it reaches a correct temperature.

rotational moulding

Compare to the extrusion, injection and blow molding processes, which are often used in plastic molding. The rotatinal moulding process is more suitable for the production of large, medium or complext plastic products. The products have almost no internal stress to ensure a very long service life.

Due to the long production time and high energy consumption, rotational moulding process has special requiremen for the performance of raw materials. After many years of test and demonstration on the flow rate of raw material solution, resin density and thermal stability of resion, we have selected 100% suitable raw materials for plastic buoys, and estalished a stable supplier channel. This will ensures the high quality and stability of our products.

Our company promises that 100% of our products use original raw materials, all the waste materials produced in the production process will be destroyed through formal channels or resold to the recycling middleman.


Waysail rotational moulding plastic mooring buoys filled with closed cell EPS foam, buoy shell made by marine corrosion resistant polyethylene, around a central tubular steel frame, forming a high quality moooring buoy with excellent performance and lower cost. Our mooring buoys are rapidly replacing the traditional steel mooring buoys. This is due to their low maintenance costs, excellent waterproofing, impact resistance, long service life, easy construction, easy to handle and repair.

At waysail, we provide rotomoulded, EPS foam filled marine floatation. Our mooring buoys, dock floats, aquaculture buoys, and marker buoys are built to withstand any marine environment.  

Applications including but not limited to:

Offshore vessel mooring

Remote mooring of vessel

Fish Farming Cage Support

Solar Panel Floating

Additional mooring support for large vessel

Rotational Buoy

Ball Type Floating Buoy

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