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Mooring Shackle
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Mooring Shackle

Mooring shackles have a wide gap opening, extended inner height and width. The bolt is oversized with a nut with an oversized hole in the bolt to enanble easy assembling of the split pin or bolt. It is commonly used in mooring lines, in combination with chains, fiber ropes and hawsers.

Product Description

Offshore Wide Mouth Shackle


An offshore wide mouth shackle is a heavy-duty, high-strength connecting link specifically designed for use in offshore and marine applications.  It features a wider opening compared to standard shackles, allowing for easier attachment and detachment of ropes, chains, or other rigging components.  This wider mouth design is particularly beneficial in challenging marine environments where access to connection points may be limited.

Production Process: Drop Forging

Material Grade: Superior Alloy Steel for Shackle body and Pin

Heat Treatment: Quenching and Tempering

Finish: Hot Dip Galv.

Temperature Range:  -20℃ up to +200℃

The Application:

Marine wide mouth shackles are commonly used in a variety of applications in offshore and marine environments due to their robust construction and corrosion-resistant properties. Some key applications include:

1. Mooring operations: Offshore wide mouth shackles are used to connect mooring lines to buoys, anchors and other mooring points. Their high-strength design and corrosion resistance make them ideal for securing ships at sea.

2. Lifting and Rigging: These shackles are used in lifting and rigging operations on offshore platforms, ships and other marine structures. They are used to connect lifting slings, wire ropes and other rigging components to provide a safe attachment point for heavy loads.

3. Anchorage: Offshore wide mouth shackles are used in anchoring systems to secure equipment, structures and buoys in offshore and marine environments. Its durable construction ensures reliable anchoring in challenging conditions.

4. Towing and Retrieval: In offshore towing and retrieval operations, these shackles are used to connect tow lines and recovery equipment, providing a strong and safe connection for towing and lifting tasks.

5. Offshore construction: In offshore construction projects, wide-mouth shackles are used to connect structural components, lift heavy objects and fix equipment, helping to improve the overall safety and efficiency of construction operations.

Overall, offshore wide mouth shackles play a vital role in various marine and offshore activities, providing safe and reliable connections in demanding environments. Their design and material properties make them ideally suited to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in offshore and marine applications.


mooring shackle

Size MBL T Weight KG Dimensions Tolerance
A C D E F L K H d
19 x 22 30 1.4 42 97 φ19 63 φ47 101 80 152 22
22 x 25 40 2.08 52 125 φ22 68 φ54 112 96 187 25 ±5%
25 x 28 50 3.05 62 135 φ25 78 φ60 128 112 205 28 ±5%
28 x 32 60 4.08 70 144 φ28 92 φ66 148 126 222 31.7 ±5%
32 x 35 90 6.21 82 184 φ32 120 φ76 184 146 273 35 ±5%
38 x 42 140 11 94 219 φ38 146 φ92 222 170 325 41.5 ±5%

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offshore open mouth mooring shackle

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