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450mm Double Holes Cage Bracket
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450mm Double Holes Cage Bracket

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Double holes HDPE bracket is manufactured by mould pressure injection machine, the min. thickness of its part is ≥20mm. Double hole bracket together with butt fusion welding 110mm-350mm upright pipe and 110mm- 350mm same diameter Tee consists of cage I frame. I-frame is evenly distributed along the perimeter of the cage frame, with a spacing of 1.5m-2m.


cage bracket parameter


Circumference Floating Pipe Dia. Handrail Pipe Dia. Upright Pipe and Tee Dia. Bracket Hole Dia. Distance of the Bracket
m mm mm mm mm m
40-60 250 125 125, 125/125 250 1.5-2
60-80 315 125 125, 125/125 315 1.5-2
60-80 315 125 140, 140/125 315 1.5-2
80-120 400 140 160, 160/140 400 1.5-2
100-140 450 140 160, 160/140 450 1.5-2
120-160 500 160 180, 180/160 500 1.5-2

Norway Type Double Holes Bracket Photos:

HDPE Bracket For Cage

plastic cage bracket

450mm double collar bracket

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